Hope is not just one single quality or promise.  Hope has to do with believing beyond today — knowing there’s a garden of beauty that awaits me.  Hope encourages me to follow my dreams, to believe in the part of me that envisions my wholeness.  Hope is trusting that what is happening will eventually make sense, or if it never does become meaningful, it will still offer an opportunity for growth.  Hope assures me each morning that my life is of value no matter how unsettling or disturbing my current situation is.  Hope encourages my heart not to give up and nudges me when it’s time to move on.  Hope doesn’t need words or proofs or conditions.  Hope accepts mystery and offers the gift of solid trust in the unknown.  Hope doesn’t pretend that I’ll get all I want nor does hope deny that there will still be struggles down the road.  Hope tucks promises of growth and truth inside the pocekts of my struggles.

~Joyce Rupp (Dear Heart Come Home, 1997)


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