Hey “O” and a way we go!

Because of my little security breach, I didn’t get to post about what we’re up to this cycle.  We decided to do another IUI.  So that meant drugs (Clomid, Femara, and for the first time, Gonal-F), morning monitorings of blood and trips to our out of town clinic, all in an attempt to get knocked up this month!  I had two beautiful follicles (that I’ve named using our boy and girl name — hey.. why not?)  and apparently “everything was textbook perfect” according to our nurse.  Except for our sperm count.  It was lower than we’d like because, even though my husband’s count was up, they wash out all the crappy sperm — and apparently he has a fair amount of crappy sperm.  But, I’m feeling hopeful.  I’m not sure why — maybe it’s because of the drugs and the IUI — they give us a much better shot than doing it on our own.  I’m leary to feel hopeful, because the crash at the end of the hope train is a bitch.  But I’m grateful in this moment for the hopeful feeling because it’s better than the dark, stupid depression I’ve been crawling through over the last 6 months.

So, our “big day” was Friday, which means I’m 2 DPO right now.  And I would appreciate it if you all cross everything you’ve got, plead with the universe, pray, and send positive baby energies our way while I torture myself with the two week wait.  Here’s hoping I can give my husband the Father’s Day gift of a lifetime.


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