To My Husband

Although you’re doing a better job with Father’s Day than I did with Mother’s Day (or at least you’re better at pretending), I want you to know that I think you will be the most incredible dad.  I’m sorry that all you got today was a bleeding, crampy, crabby wife because you deserved a pee stick with a glowing plus sign.

I love you for the father you will eventually be and for the faith that you have in us eventually getting there.  I don’t know where you get that faith, but I’m so thankful that one of us has it.

I look at you holding the children of our friends, and my heart swells with love.

I hear that stories you tell about how your students adore and respect you, and I am proud.  I know that you will be great with our kids too.

I love you with all that I am.  Without you, I would be nothing at all.


3 responses to “To My Husband

  • The Husband

    As long as I have my wife (regardless of whather she is bleedy and/or crampy), then life is pretty aweswome!

    This is a pretty crappy road we’ve been on….but yes, I know at the end there will be a child come to us in some manner.

    I know that doesn’t make things better, but that’s how I feel.

    p.s. you will be a faboo mom too!

  • TB

    You will both be terrific parents, I just know it. Thank you for being there for each other and for sharing this journey with us….you are both fantastic people and are truly loved.

  • Judy Beeksma

    WOW!!!!! (With tears in my eyes)

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