I’m not crazy…

… I’m just jacked full of hormones!

I’m thinking of getting a t-shirt made.

Like every good roller coaster connaisseur, we got off our ride and got right back on.  Bleed, cry, repeat.  Grasping at straws, I begged for a med change.  So this month I’m amped up to 100mg of clomid, the regular dose of femara, and 5 days of Gonal-F instead of 3.  I’m hoping for 4 eggs.  Hell, who am I kidding, anything more than two would be different and that would be okay too.  I’m terrified of having multiples — not just because that would be a lot of work, actually, that part doesn’t really bother me at all — but because I’ll already probably have a higher risk pregnancy.  I’ve decided to not really think about that part, instead just staying focussed on wanting our family to start.

All the drugs are making me an absolute delight to be around.  If I’m not biting my husband’s head off, I’m attached to his side trying to figure out a way to crawl inside his skin so I can be as close to him as possible.  I’ve got some headaches, some lovely hot flashes, and then there’s the crying.  Today I was giving my kitty a little cuddle and started bawling because I started to think about how one day he’ll die and I’ll be very sad about that.  Oh yeah, it’s loads of fun!

It’s a small price to pay if it works.  I would go to the ends of the earth for our child.


One response to “I’m not crazy…

  • Mo

    Oh the cuddling of the pets and crying is a familiar one. I do it all the time. Hormones or not. So I think you’re doing just fine. 🙂
    Good luck this cycle!

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