Dear Baby

Sometimes I feel like you’re just around the corner.  But sometimes I feel like you’re still a million miles of heartache away.  Our hearts are ready to have you in our lives.  I know we won’t be the perfect-est parents, but we’re so ready to give it our best shot.  People say they fall in love the moment they see their child.  We’ve already fallen in love with you.  Our lives are incomplete without you.  Your dad and I love each other so much, and we want to share that love with you.  This journey is difficult, but it’s made us better people.  Better parents.

Sometimes I can see our family together, doing what families do.  Those images are so clear sometimes.  My heart aches for this future.

It’s time, my dear child.

All my love,



6 responses to “Dear Baby

  • TB

    Yes dear baby your parents will love you unconditionally as will many many others. The time is right for you to join this lovely couple to enrich their lives to the fullest – they will give you their all. Their hearts are definitely ready…..

  • Tippy

    I love Dear Baby posts. I have a few myself and they are very similar. This is so heart felt and I feel the exact same way. Hoping your baby hears you very soon.

  • Heather

    Crying reading your letter. You are going to be the best parents ever and your baby is going to have, and be surrounded by so much love.
    You are amazing, both of you


  • Brenda

    Hi Wannabemom

    You speak for me too – I feel your pains and longings.

    2 years back, God has already given us a name for my baby – his name is Ryan Law; but we have no idea when he’s joining us. I did my 2nd IUI last week …

    Ryan, your daddy and mummy love you and are waiting for you. Be a stickly Ryan and grow perfectly in my womb with nothing extra, nothing short. Jesus loves you too

  • Dad

    The time is near., so much love awaits…xoxo

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