Big Ol’ Bag of Crazy!

The pill is making me crazy.  I don’t remember it making me crazy in the past (you know, when I was taking it to avoid pregnancy.. HA!).  But I’m a little mood swingy.  Mostly rage.  Not a whole lot of crying.. which is weird.  Maybe my cry muscle is finally broken.

My husband picked up the rest of my drugs this week.  They came in a shopping bag.

A shopping bag.

Not just for easy transport, nope that damn bag was full.

That’s $4500 worth of crazy right there.  And only one damn Ativan.  Come on, I have to inject 4 vials of Bravelle and 1 vial of Repronex into my stomach daily for like 11 days or something.  That’s gotta be worth at least a handful of Ativan.  At least I have the Fentanyl to look forward to during retrieval.

I kid because I’m scared out of my crazy fucking tree.  And sarcastic humour is the only damn thing that makes it slightly better.

I have to take a moment and say how incredibly grateful I am to have a benefit plan that covers 100% of my drugs.  That’s a really big deal.  A really big fucking deal.  We wouldn’t even be able to think about doing IVF if it wasn’t for that.

There’s a couple boxes of accoutrements — you know, syringes, needles, safe disposal bag, alcohol swabs — that includes an instructional DVD.  I’ve never taken a medication that includes that much instruction!  Maybe I’ll pop some popcorn and invite my friends.  It will be like a good old fashioned movie night!

Making babies… most natural thing in the world, right?


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