Couldn’t have said it better myself

I just can’t say it any better myself, so go here and read this post.

It’s something that I’ve struggled with throughout this journey — handling other people’s pregnancies.  Basically feeling like a complete shithead because it’s so difficult to be happy for the gazillion people in my life popping out babies with ease.

A friend, after attending my birthday party in June, said that she realized I really wasn’t kidding when I said that ‘everyone I know is pregnant’, as she watched literally almost all my friends filter in with their pregnant bellies/babies/toddlers.

It was so great to read this blog post and know that I wasn’t alone in my feelings.  I beat myself up on a regular basis for not being a better friend.  But sometimes it’s just too damn painful.  I know it’s self-preservation, but it doesn’t help me feel any better about it.


Why are you still here?  Go read that post!





3 responses to “Couldn’t have said it better myself

  • TB

    This article certainly will open people’s eyes on how you are feeling…but always remember – you are a terrific friend to all you know, never doubt that.

  • Judy Beeksma

    Such a profound feeling of sadness for my friend…I wish there was that magic word or amazing wisdom that would make you “FEEL” better. I guess there is nothing at this point but continued prayers and positive thoughts from me to you…I so want this to work for you!!! Please know that I think of you often and wish the best of everything for you!!!

  • Heather

    A wonderful post, from you and the other blog; brings tears to my eyes.
    Thank you for posting this and helping us all to understand a bit more.

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