Cry Muscle is Intact

While the crazy seems to have subsided (and actually, I finished up with the birth control on Tuesday), the crying is in full swing!  Thank you Synarel!!  Tim Hortons commercial?  Crying.  Talking to my friend about her wedding?  Crying.  Driving home from the local fruit and veggie market?  Crying.  Writing this blog post?  Crying.  It doesn’t have to be sad, I just cry.

Other than that, no major side effects so far.  A little bit of low grade headache from time to time, but no hot flashes yet.

And I think my body has gotten used to the Metformin too… that stuff was nasty on my intestines for awhile.  I didn’t have a chance to blog about my little “Metformin Meltdown”, but it turns out I have some insulin resistance so they needed to put me on drugs to correct for that.  It rocked me when I found out because, of course, I went into the dark place that’s filled with voices saying “You are too fat, disgusting and pathetic to have a child.  Look at you!  You’re insulin resistant!  Your body doesn’t even want a child it’s so broken!!”  And then I got mad because I wondered if this was missed before (I can’t remember if they tested it and the nurse didn’t see it when he quickly flipped through my chart) and is that the reason IUI didn’t work and is IVF not really what we need to do and should we go back to trying IUI?  But then I remember how much stress IUI was and how we’re already half way there with the stupid IVF so we might as well keep trucking.

Sometimes, it’s a lot of fun to live in my head.

Yes, Sheldon, that’s sarcasm.

(BBT reference — if you don’t know that because you don’t watch it… shame on you.  That’s right, shame on you.)

The good news is, the Metformin is really effecting my appetite in a good way.  I’m getting full on very little food… so maybe it will help me shed a few pounds.

Day “0” is Thursday.  This means I start my routine of driving to the clinic regularly for dates with the vag cam and to get my blood sucked.  It also means I fork over the big money.  I just hope everything looks good and I can start my injections on Saturday.

Well, this post is just a whole lot of random, isn’t it?!  Drugs make me cry and poop, had a meltdown, not eating as much and preparing to go broke, and gonna put a lot of kilometre-age on my car.  See, if you’d known my life can be summarized in one sentence, you could have skipped the whole rambling post and just read that line.  Maybe I’ll start all my blog posts like that from now on, save you some time    😉


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