Day Zero

I’m cleared for take-off.

Today marked the true beginning of this IVF cycle.  I begin my regular treks to the clinic (200km round-trip) (and at the crack of stupid) for close monitoring of my ovarian stimulation.  Today, I had a hot date with the vag-cam (oh, how I’ve missed her) and got my bloodwork done — everything looks “perfect”.  We also had to sign the consents and bring them in — what a bunch of legaleese that was!  Summary:  if the clinic fucks up — we won’t hold them liable, if we have left over “URM” (unused reproductive material — sperm, eggs, fluids, non-viable embryos, etc) what can they do with it?  What happens if one or both of us die or get divorced?

Me: What do you want to do if we divorce?  (with the remaining frozen embryos if there are any)

Husband:  You can have them.

Me:  You don’t want our children?

Husband:  Well what am I going to do with them?

Me:  What am I going to do with them?

Husband:  You might want to still use them.

Me: What makes you think I’d want to continue to have your children if you divorced me?

Husband: I don’t know.  Let’s just not get divorced.

It’s a funny conversation to have.  We also decided to donate any leftover (or unusable) embryos to science.  We’re not really comfortable with embryo donation to a third party unless we’re dead — then someone else may as well have our biological children.  I would like to be all noble and say that we agreed to donate them to another couple really wanting a child, but it kind of freaks me out that my biological child would be out there and I wouldn’t know him/her.  I also think (and perhaps this shows that I watch far too much television), what if you donate embryos and one day the persons made from those embryos meet up in a bar and procreate?  Doesn’t that create some sort of weird television series about scientific in-breeding??  I know that it’s silly… doesn’t mean that I didn’t think it though.

It was also the day to pay the big bucks — but unfortunately, the money I took from Peter to pay Paul didn’t process, so I get to wait till my next trip in on Tuesday and delay that sick feeling in the pit of my gut a little while longer.

So, injections start on Saturday (I’m going to a wedding out of town — I’ll have to excuse myself during the speeches to go shoot up!) and beginning Tuesday, I’ll go to the clinic every other day for monitoring.  I also start acupuncture on Monday and I’ll do that every other day basically too.

I like needles.  Needles are my friends.

We watched the video on how to prepare and do the injections.  I think the woman in the video getting her ass stabbed by her husband got more Ativan than I did.  She looked far too happy about it.  The instructions were simple enough.  And although I need 5 viles of medication per day, I can combine them with one liquid which means one injection.  (I received the drugs in a powder form that has to be mixed with the liquid right before injection).  I feel a little like a mad scientist mixing all this shit up — I also think being a drug addict would be helpful in this situation — all the needle drawing and flicking…

So that’s what’s going on.

Oh, and I have perfect blood pressure.  Yeah, me!  It’s usually low-ish.


Stay tuned….




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