I shall henceforth be known as Polkaroo.

I realized (after googling it) that Polkaroo is a little piece of Canadiana that my international readers may not know.  He was from a really lame children’s show that was, of course, entertaining only in childhood.  All you really need to know is what he looked like….

Am I Polkaroo because I’m the ever-elusive over-sized stuffed creature that strangely enough can never be on the screen with both Polkadot Door co-stars?  Am I Polkaroo because I’ve been poking myself?  Nope.  I’m Polkaroo because I have 3 large red spots on my belly at my injection sites.  And a fourth in the making.  I guess I’ll have about 10 by the time I’m done?  I thought they’d go away, but not so much yet.  Although number one is turning a funky yellow colour.  It’s good.  I like a little assortment in my dots.

Red and itchy.  But other than that, doing okay.  And hot.  Red, itchy and hot.  And somewhat welt-like.  When I showed the nurse at the clinic today, she said it’s a normal reaction.  And to not inject in the same spot.  Guess it’s a good thing that I have lots of belly to work with!

I guess I also feel kinda bloaty, but maybe that’s my imagination.  Sometimes I feel some discomfort in my ovaries but that might also be my imagination too.. I’m not sure if I’d be able to feel anything yet.  I think they do a count of them on Thursday when I do my next ultrasound.  My husband is aiming for 16 eggs.

Oh, and just to clarify, as I feel I may have mislead you with my last post — I am injecting myself, not my husband.  The injections are subcutaneous and really quite simple to do.  Actually, I don’t think I could even let my husband do it.  I need to be in control of that needle!  The most challenging part is the preparation… but not as bad as I thought it would be.  I’m really glad that the clinic suggested evening doses because it is slightly time consuming and anyone who knows me, knows that I am NOT a morning person!

So that’s my update.  Not terribly exciting, but I know that some of my peeps are interested in the steps of the process and the deets.  So now you got them!  (And you know that I am also super cool because I use words like “peeps” and “deets”)


3 responses to “Polkaroo!!

  • Infertile Days

    I forgot all about Polkaroo! Thanks for the memory.
    Good luck with the cycle

  • Mom

    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date. Believe it or not I do remember Polkaroo and the little “how do you do Polkaroo”….happy poking to you! You’re doing a great job and thank you for always bringing some humour into your story. The swelling will go down over time and you’ll display such lovely coloured dots….all for a very worthy cause. Sending positive thoughts. xo

  • Mo

    You are totes awesome. And the deets are totes informative. I be wishing you luck, chica!
    (was that cool? I doubt it. But at least I tried, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?)

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