Measuring Up

I’m in the thick of monitoring now.  I got to check out my follicles on Thursday and there was about 6-8 follicles that were easily visible.  I’ve been guarded through this whole thing — anything can go wrong, don’t get too excited.  To be honest, I was disappointed with that number — even though the nurse at the clinic said he’s more into quality than quantity.  I’ve refrained from googling and doing much research about all this… I think it only drives me crazy (and I think we’ve established that it’s a pretty short trip as it is).  So I’m just going with the flow and if the nurse says we’re good, then I’m a happy girl.

Today, we had our second ultrasound and I was blown away… 19 follicles!!!  Holy crap!!  I’m like a chicken!!  (Actually, I have no idea how many eggs a chicken carries around at any given time, but it seems like something that’s funny to compare myself to.)

So, what does this mean to those of you “outside the know”. Follicles are where the eggs float around.  Hopefully, 19 follicles means 19 eggs — but it’s entirely possible that some of the follicles might not have eggs in them.  They will be able to tell me how many eggs they retrieved on Thursday.  I think they do a running count to my husband as they are sucking them out, but I’m hoping to be so completely stoned that I’ll have to ask for a recap afterwards.  Of the eggs that they suck out, potentially not all of them will be viable or mature.  And then of the ones that are good, potentially only a portion of them with fertilize and grow to the embryo stage.   There’s SO much that can go wrong… so I can’t get too excited about the number right now.

But 19?  I’ll take it.  It seems like a pretty good starting point.  Way to go, ovaries!


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