Here we go

Tomorrow’s the big day.  I’ve remained relatively emotionally detached through this whole process.  I’m not sure if it’s the million distractions or a fear of having “the other shoe drop”.  It hit me the other day that this is really going to happen.  People keep saying to me “that’s so exciting” or “you must be excited”.  Excited is not the word I would use to describe what I feel.

Scared.  Anxious.  Curious.

And my ovaries hurt.

But excited?  Nope.

Anywho, so far, so good.  No shoe yet.  (Really, I am trying to be positive.)  We’re going in with 19 follicles over 16mm. There were smaller ones that they don’t count because they won’t likely have mature eggs.  Bravo ovaries, bravo.

Here’s hoping it won’t be as awful as I think it will be and that the drugs are awesome.



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