Feeling Okay

Well, I think the previous post was pretty lucid considering it was mere minutes after having my eggs retrieved.

1.  It hurt.  Anyone who says it didn’t either is way stronger than I, or they don’t remember.

2. The Versed sucks.  I remember every g’dam thing.  (That’s the drug that’s supposed to dull your memory of surgeries)

3.  The Fentanyl was okay, but I would have liked a doggie bag to bring home.  It really only gave me a warm feeling – not so much on relieving the pressure and pain of the retrieval.  They said it wouldn’t do anything for the pressure, so maybe it would have been worse if not for the lovely narcotic.

4.  My husband said that the first vile of crap they drained out of my cyst looked like fruit punch.

5.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to drink fruit punch for awhile.

6. I’m making lists because I’m too lazy to form nicely worded paragraphs.

7.  I’m feeling okay (hence the title of the post) but I’m definitely crampy and uncomfortable.  It’s a really good excuse to have flaked on the couch all day and watched 5 episodes of stored up Flashpoint.  And napped.  And eat chocolate.

8. Chocolate makes everything better.

9. Now we wait.  Tomorrow morning we get a phone call with the fertilization report.  Fingers crossed.



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