Freshly sucked

15 eggs retrieved. One little bugger left behind because they were done torturing me.

It hurt like a motherfucker. But it’s over.

I’m off to reap my rewards of being a good patient… Cookies and ginger ale!

More later — I’m going to relax now.

15 eggs!!!


5 responses to “Freshly sucked

  • Heather

    Congratulations ovaries and to you for getting through what I can only imagine was brutal.


  • Mom

    You are a real trooper – bless you! You go and rest now – you’ve definitely deserved it and will look forward to your next update. xo

  • Tippy

    Wait…. Why did it hurt? Were you not sedated? That’s cruel to make you go through it awake. You should be consciously sedated and while you are breathing on your own, you should not remember a thing… I”m sorry you had to go through the pain. I’ve never felt pain on my retrieval day…

    Other than that though, congrats on the great number. Yay!!!!!

    • Wannabemom

      I was very much conscious. And I remember everything. Maybe I didn’t respond to the drugs so well? But you’d think they’d up my dose or something. Oh well, too late now!!

  • Dad

    Sounds like you need some well deserved rest and pampering., waiting for you’re next post…Love you…xoxo

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