Real Friendship

The last leg of this IVF journey of drugs is progesterone — in the form of vaginal suppositories.  Let me tell ya, lots of fun.  Another girl I know called it “swampy time” and boy, she wasn’t kidding.  It’s basically a little waxy bullet that you insert with a plastic thingy that looks like a tampon.  But the wax melts (and the progesterone gets absorbed) and then finds it’s way back out of my body.  Gross.

I have to take it twice per day, about 12 hours apart.  And not being someone who uses tampons, I prefer to lie down to take the progesterone — it’s just easier that way.

So I make plans to go out with a girlfriend last night and I realize, because I’m going straight from work to acupuncture and then straight to her house then to dinner then to scrapbooking, I won’t have much of an opportunity to take the progesterone.  I realize that I’m going to have to chance using it in a bathroom somewhere or ask my friend to do it at her house.

So I send her a text:

“Here’s an awkward question, can I use your bed so I can lie down and insert my vaginal progesterone?”

How many times in your life do you get to ask someone that question?!  Oy.

Being a true friend, her response was:

“Wow.  Um, sure.  But my room is a disaster.”

That people, is real friendship indeed. 🙂


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