Another Funny from the Progesterone Files

Who ever would have thought that vaginal suppositories would have brought so much humour into my life?  Remember how I had to get them shipped to my husband’s school via Purolator?  So he’s waiting and waiting for them — they said guaranteed delivery by 6pm.  He calls the pharmacy at 5pm and they track the package for him.  Turns out they shipped the darn things to a city an hour past where we are.  Guaranteed, my ass.  So my husband is ready to jump in the car and head to the pharmacy (an hour away) because I’m completely out of progesterone.  I manage to talk him out of it using the rational that if I’m pregnant, they decrease the progesterone to once per day anyways, so missing one dose isn’t going to be that big of a deal.

No, you didn’t miss the funny part, that’s the just preamble.

So this morning, after the bloodwork, we pick up a new prescription from the pharmacy and I can’t possible wait another hour to use them, so I tell my husband to find me a deserted parking lot.  We pull into a park and he’s my official “look out”.  I lay back my seat, off come the pants and I’m ready to do my thing.  Sure, it’s an SUV, but there’s not a lot room there for (at the risk of really giving you too much information) “maneuvering” one’s legs into proper position.  But somehow I manage… I’m in the middle of putting the progesterone in and my aptly placed foot changes the radio station!  Well this sends me into a fit of hysterics for some reason.  Any of you who know me and have seen me with a fit of laughter, know how impossible it is for me to do anything but laugh.  Mission accomplished, but oh my.    Who would have thought…

Oh… you’re not here to read about my progesterone misadventures?  You’re here to find out the results of my blood work, aren’t you?

Well, before we went to the clinic this morning, I had to POAS.  I had to.  I needed to be in control.  I needed to know what they were going to say to me.  And I got this…

We’ve never, NEVER got one of those before.  NEVER.  Cautiously optimistic was the word I used to describe what we felt.  Because that could tell us that it’s a chemical.  But, but we’ve never had a “BFP” so at least it was something.

My first beta was 82.5.  The clinic said “congratulations”.

In this moment, I am pregnant.  It’s SO incredibly early and a million and one things can go wrong — the very first being that the number doesn’t double by Monday.  But today, I am pregnant and incredibly grateful and shocked with this wonderful news.  Regardless of what happens, we know we can make a baby and we can achieve a pregnancy.  We’ve never been here before.  NEVER.

It’s surreal.

For those of you who know me in real life, I can’t stress enough how very early this is.  So, obviously, it’s not for public consumption.  You get to know because you care enough to follow me and support me on this journey.  But the rest of the world has to wait.


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