Hanging In

I’m 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  That’s so weird to say since it was only a week ago that we were waiting for the results, but that’s how they measure it.  I spend each and every day tracking (and googling) any possible symptom to confirm my baby is still growing.  Most symptoms come and go, which I suppose is normal.  Boobs are a little sore but not in the way that I’ve always read about online.  I’ve had some waves of nausea, headaches, and some facial flushing at night.  My biggest symptoms are that I’m tired and thirsty.  I could barely make it through the 9pm airing of Grimm last night!  And I’m drinking a tonne of water.  I’m a good water drinker anyways (usually 1500ml/day), but I’ve added another 750ml/day easily.  I’m hoping all of these are good signs and I’m anxiously awaiting more symptoms (and pleading with god, the universe or whoever is in charge to help my baby grow big and strong).

I had a dream about giving birth last night. That baby practically fell right out!  Easy peasy!  It was a girl and she was perfect and we named her the girl name we’ve had picked out for a very long time.  I dreamt about breastfeeding and she was a perfect little eater.  I woke up from the dream (to pee, of course!) and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep and be with my little girl again.  Alas, I just proceeded to dream other weird ass shit like normal.

I’m hoping that dream was a good sign too — and not just wishful thinking.


5 responses to “Hanging In

  • Infertile Days

    So happy for you. I have a lot of hope that this will all work out for you.

    One thing I did when I was pregnant the first time was to go in for blood work at 5 or 6 weeks to make sure everything was OK. I wish I went every week because then I would have known something was wrong. But if I do get pregnant again, I will definitely do that.
    Hope this doesn’t make you worry more, its meant for you to think about doing so you can relax when they give you the good numbers!

    Best of luck to you, and keep having those sweet dreams!

  • Mom

    I used to swear that I could have slept standing up I was that tired….hang in there my sweets…maybe you’ll be a lucky gal with not a lock of nausea…that wouldn’t be bad at all….still thinking positive thoughts, positive thoughts and the ultrasound day will be here real soon…love you guys!!!! xoxoxo

  • Dad

    I want to believe all you’re symptoms and dreams are all positive vibes., hang in there kiddo., thinking of you guys always., Love bunches…xoxo

  • Heather

    Yippee!! Wonderful dreams to have for sure – signs of things to come 🙂
    All those physical signs will come and go for sure, with the nausea hopefully being not too often! Can’t wait for your next updates 🙂

  • Tippy

    So very verry happy for you! My symptoms are coming and going too, even at almost 7 weeks AND with twins.. LOL! I wish there were a bit more constant, but I keep just praying that I make it one more day, one more week… Glad your birthing dream was easy peasy! Hope that’s the case 🙂

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