Growing A Human

Before I get to the topic of today’s post, I’d like to warn my readers that I intend to share about this “pregnancy after infertility”.  I know that means that I will lose some of you who are still “in the trenches” and that’s okay.  I know what it’s like to read the blogs of those who have conceived… it’s hard.. even when it’s hard-earned.  I hope you’ll come back if you’re ready and I truly wish each and every one of you the best of luck in your journey.  It sucks, but if we get there, it’s worth it in the end.

So… I’m definitely growing a human.  Or a fuzzy, lumpy, round-ish ball… with a heartbeat.  It’s the heartbeat that leads me to believe it’s human.

We were so nervous about today.  Despite the symptoms (food aversions, sleepiness, incessant peeing and sore-ish boobs), we weren’t convinced there would be anything in there.  But there was indeed.  And truly the best part, was hearing the heartbeat.  Oh my goodness.  We didn’t expect to be able to hear it.  We knew that if everything was okay, we should be able to see the heartbeat, but didn’t know we could hear it.

There is a human growing inside of me!  It’s so friggin’ surreal.  It’s amazing.  I’m so overjoyed — my wonderful husband is finally letting himself feel overjoyed!  We’re both so grateful and relieved that today went well.

I can’t get used to people saying “congratulations”.  They other day, someone called me “momma” and I could hardly believe they were referring to me!

It’s still so incredibly early and a million and one things can still go wrong, but we passed another milestone.  Our baby has a heartbeat!!

I’ve posted the picture under a separate page for easy oogling for those of you who are interested, alternately, for easy avoiding for those of you who aren’t or can’t.  My husband keeps looking at the picture and he exclaims “there’s still a baby there!”.   I told him it’s not like the pee stick… (the pee stick line faded after awhile).


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