8 Weeks 1 Day

But who’s counting?

Baby is about the size of an olive (1 inch) according to my app.

I got in trouble today for not posting on the blog in quite some time.  The reality is, I get home from work, manage to procure some sort of nourishment that is acceptable to baby and plop my tired ass on the couch.  And that’s about it.  I can no longer stay up to watch 10pm shows.  Yesterday, I slept for 9 hours, got up, made some breakfast, and proceeded to laze around in bed.  I decided to close my eyes for 15 minutes and woke up 2 hours later!!  And then 7.5 hours later, while I was being forced to watch hockey, I found myself starting to doze off!  Seriously?!  It’s impossible that I could still be tired!

I’m feeling pretty good overall.  I’m not pukey, but I’m definitely nauseous — mostly at night.  From about 4pm onwards is my “not so good time”.  It makes figuring out what to have for dinner, a real load of fun.  I feel so badly for the women who are pukey all day, I can’t imagine how they function.  And still with the bizarro food aversions.  Warm shrimp, no thank you.  Cold shrimp?  Yum!  I was at a party this afternoon with the most delicious shrimp platter and I couldn’t get enough!!  Chicken hidden in my chicken fried rice – okay.  Commercial for the Swiss Chalet festive special?  GROSS!  And even weirder, green veggies.  I couldn’t even touch a spinach salad and it was all I could do to swallow down a couple spears of asparagus.  I guess the body knows what it needs.  And if all else fails, I’m taking a really great prenatal vitamin!

I’m not complaining though.  We paid good money for me to feel this gross!  As much as I don’t like feeling like my cookies could get tossed at any moment, I know that each wave of nausea means our baby is continuing to grow strong.

I’m marvelling at the changes and how quickly they happen.  Particularly my boobs! My husband is quite enjoying the daily inspections.  I even took a “belly pic” today.  Not that there’s anything to see other than my ample amount of pre-existing padding, but I wanted to be able to document and see any changes that may happen.  Because of the aforementioned padding, I won’t have a cutey round belly anytime soon, but I don’t care.  As long as the baby is growing healthy and strong on the inside, it doesn’t really matter what I look like on the outside.

It’s fun to allow myself to get a little excited about all of this, but there’s also a huge part of me that chimes in to say, ‘remember, it’s still so very early, anything can happen’.  I wish it didn’t have to be that way, but it is what it is.  I’m just trying to enjoy every day and every symptom and hoping, and praying for a tomorrow filled with the same.



6 responses to “8 Weeks 1 Day

  • Belle

    Awe! What a good update! I’m glad your nausea is not all day long. I can’t even begin to fathom what pregnancy food aversions must be like. I eat pretty weird stuff to begin with. Maybe I’ll crave normal food when it is my turn? Who knows?! Do let yourself be a little excited. You have worked hard to get here. A little cautious optimism is good.

  • Heather

    The aversions will hopefully go away an dinnertime should be more enjoyable again – hopefully! All good stuff to feel reassured there is someone growing inside you! And I agre with Belle, cautious optimism is a good thing 🙂


  • Mrs. H.

    I am glad that things are going well so far!

  • Jennifer Mik

    I am glad someone gave you a boot in the rear to give us an update…I’ve been waiting. I’m so happy for you and I love following your story. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Psychsarah

    Ah the first trimester fatigue…they should call it sheer exhaustion! I hope your nausea passes soon. I was very glad to see the update 🙂

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