9 Weeks 2 Days

I was going to write you a lovely post about how I think the nausea was making an early exit — but I think I just had a couple of good days.  Truth be told, I like having the nausea… it makes me feel more secure… like everything must be okay as long as I feel gross.

Although, I have to say, I could pass on the feeling gross while I’m at work.  I was in a session with a client today and I had this sudden wave of nausea.  And all I could think was “what do I do?!”  What would I do if I actually had to throw up?  I’m quite the jog from the bathroom so I’d never make it.  Once I established that I wasn’t going to hurl, I realized I needed to eat something. There’s a fine line between hungry and gross for me.  Thankfully it passed, because it’s not like I can say “sorry, can you hold on just a second, I desperately need a mini rice cake”.  Maybe it would be excusable if I offered to share.

I’m happy to report that I ate chicken for supper tonight.  Nothing so brazen as a breast or a leg, but I managed to get down 4 fingers.  FOUR chicken fingers!  The key was not to think about it and not to call it chicken.  For all intents and purposes, I had breaded supper for supper.

Cravings may be starting too.  I woke up at 5am on Saturday (to pee) and I was dreaming about a Big Mac.  I don’t eat Big Macs… not in years.  I don’t even eat McDonald’s more than once or twice a year.  Yet I was dreaming about eating a Big Mac and woke up wanting one.    The next morning, I woke up craving a bowl of cereal.  This shouldn’t be so unusual to most, but I don’t eat cereal either.  I usually have a granola mix with yogurt during the week, and on the weekends I have toast with peanut butter.  I rarely eat cereal.  Sunday morning, I couldn’t get to the kitchen fast enough to have a bowl of fake cheerios and ice cold milk.

This kid’s got weird taste buds.  It seems chicken has been replaced by steak.  I had a steak one night and had the leftovers the next day.  Only I couldn’t eat the leftovers. Could barely swallow the piece I put in my mouth.  What I did eat was cold shrimp.  And a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Those things should never, NEVER go together!

It’s weird and wonderful and I treasure every bizarre little moment.


5 responses to “9 Weeks 2 Days

  • Infertile Days

    glad to hear things are going well, and yes – treasure every moment.

    maybe you should keep a bowl of snacks on the desk at work so you (and the client) can pick away at them – like nuts or pretzels or something.
    or hide stuff in your pocket and slip it in your mouth when they aren’t looking!!

  • Mom

    Shrimp and then a pb&j sandwich…definitely something happening…and we are so happy it is. Can’t wait to see what your next craving is….this is all good, even the nausea is welcome because there is a great reward in the future. Hang in there my sweets – looking forward to the next update. Love you guys! xoxoxo

  • Heather

    It’s all wonderful (and funny too 😉 ) Happy to read about everything… and hey, maybe baby is like daddy in his love of steak?! 🙂

  • SB

    It’s kind of marveling all the changes that happen and the signals your body is sending you that baby is growing and everything it needs to do that. Sounds like it wants iron so you can keep making lots of hemoglobin to make a lovely placenta:) ?

    I rarely ever eat McDonalds either, but I once demanded my husband get me a big mac (I don’t usually demand either) and he said “sure, if you take a pregnancy test)…..yep it was positive…

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