A New Symptom

Look at me with two posts in one week!

I have me a new symptom.  Crying.  Inexplicably and often.

Driving to work listening (and singing, who are we kidding?) to Christmas music — crying.

Any person on television with tears in her eyes — crying.

Reading baby the book we bought it — crying. (It’s called Guess How Much I Love You with the sweetest little rabbit and his dad and to be honest, I’m pretty sure I’d cry reading this book even if I wasn’t pregnant.)

Donating food to the ‘Stuff a Bus’ food bank drive — crying.

Husband telling me about the last episode of Modern Family that we have to watch because people were tweeting about the ending being so good they were crying — crying.

Watching the aforementioned episode of Modern Family — crying.

I don’t feel sad.  I’m just crying.

Googled it and fortunately, I’m not crazy.  I’m normal.  And here I thought the tears ended with all the wacky fertility drugs and devastating failures!  Ha!  The crazy continues!!

In other news, today marks 10 weeks. According to my app, baby graduates from being an embryo to a fetus today.  And in a few short days, we get to take another peek.  My 11-13 week NT scan is a few days early because my fertility clinic closes down for two weeks at Christmas as of Friday.  I’m excited and terrified all at the same time.  From what I’ve read, and from talking to a fellow pregnant-after-IF pal (who is 4 weeks ahead of me.. so excited to be doing this together!), we might be able to see the little gaffer moving around!  Of course, I’m still terrified there will be a dead baby in there or one that’s deformed or unhealthy.

Fingers crossed.  I love you, baby, to the moon and back — just like the rabbit in the book says.

Btw, typing that sentence — crying.  🙂




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