Baby gives ultrasound experience one toe up!

Everything is good.

Seeing baby looking like a baby was absolutely awesome.  It’s hard to believe that only 4 weeks ago, that little critter was merely a fuzzy round blob.  Now there are legs and arms and bum cheeks and toes.  Baby gave us a “toe up” at one point… and also mooned us.  S/he wasn’t all that interested in getting a good profile pic but was more than happy to show us her/his butt!  And we got to see that in 3D none-the-less.  You’ll find that pic and the best profile pic we could get in the Schnitzel gallery.  And no, that’s not a penis in the 3D pic, it’s the cord.  My husband very excitedly exclaimed  “is that a penis?!” but we were assured that it was far too early to be able to see any genitalia.

Awesome.  And starting to feel very real.  We even browsed around at baby stuff today at the mall.  Like real baby stuff — not just adorable, soft little sleepers and outfits.  Strollers, cribs, carseats, play yards, bouncy chairs.  Holy shit do babies need a lot of crap!  I still feel very nervous looking at all this stuff but I’m hoping to snag some good boxing day sales too so I want to start looking around and comparing prices etc.

We also met with the Midwife today.  That went alright, she’s lovely, but I might get transferred to an OB which I’m super bummed about.  The transfer would be based on BMI and family history of diabetes and high blood pressure.  Even though my blood pressure was PERFECT (120/80) and the metformin I’m taking is regulating my insulin resistance just fine.  Whatever, obviously I’ll do whatever is best for baby, but I was really looking forward to the care that a midwife offers.  They might work out a shared care agreement where I’d see both the midwife and the OB.  I’d be okay with that.  Stay tuned.

Now go enjoy new pics of the Schnitzel!


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