Why haven’t I been wearing maternity pants my whole life?!

Last weekend we did more baby-stuff browsing… like hard core.  Like went to stores with  “baby” in the name.  Hard core.  We didn’t buy anything… yet.  We also went to Motherhood Maternity.  I mostly wanted to see how much plus size inventory  our local store carried.  But I decided to try on some pants to get a sense of the fit if I order stuff online.

Most. Comfortable. Pants. Ever.

Seriously.  That big stretchy tummy panel.. no buttons.  And they looked great.  I exclaimed to the salesgirl something along the lines of ‘why don’t people wear these all the time’.  And she said she buys them and wears them.  Yeah… something tells me that you and your size 2 frame are full of shit.

I digress.  I can’t wait.  I don’t need them yet but I’m tempted to just start wearing them because they are so damn comfy!

I also enjoyed the fake tummy pillow in the dressing room.  Promptly stuffed that in my comfy maternity pants and marvelled over what it will be like to have a big ol’ pregnant belly.

It’s still weird browsing through these stores and knowing that this time, we’re shopping for us.  For our baby.  I feel like a fraud… it can’t possibly be real.

I’ve also started accosting strange women and asking them about their strollers.  Perhaps it’s me who is strange.  Who knows better than the person pushing them around, right?

In other news, tomorrow marks 12 weeks.  I went to see my wonderful family physician this week regarding progesterone and metformin.  I wanted someone to tell me to stop the damn progesterone.  I told her she’d be my favourite person if she gave me the all clear.  The next day, I had a phone call from the nurse who says “Dr. K says ‘Merry Christmas’, you can stop the progesterone.”

Merry Christmas to me, indeed.  I already have the best gift anyone could ever ask for.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas too.


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