Foiled by a snow storm

I know that peeps will be checking back for an update, so I wanted to let you know there wasn’t one.  I called the clinic first thing this morning and they encouraged me to wait till tomorrow morning as London got itself about 30cm of snow at that point and was still in whiteout conditions with more accumulation expected.  Poor buggers… we are an hour down the road and didn’t get enough to warrant brushing off the car!

She said I could come in if I wanted to (because I’m a hardy Canadian, a little snow never stopped me!) but said really, one more day wouldn’t make a difference.  I agreed.  I wouldn’t have been so compliant, but the bleeding has really slowed so why risk it?  So, she told me I was to be resting all day, only getting up to move from bed to couch and to get something to eat.  And I’m assuming peeing is also included in that list… since I do a fair amount of that 🙂

So… tune in tomorrow.  And thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.


3 responses to “Foiled by a snow storm

  • Mom

    Smart advice on the part of the clinic, London surely had a wicked storm. Glad to hear you rested and tomorrow will be able to get some answers…even more happy that the bleeding has slowed down….will be thinking about you guys again tonight and waiting for an update tomorrow. Be safe and take your time getting there… you guys!!!

  • SB

    Just read your blog again today. I will pray for you all and keep you in my thoughts. Hope you make it to London tomorrow and get some reassurance and answers. Keeping up the hope for you little baby….

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