Big sigh of relief

All is well.  It was what we expected — subchorionic bleed.  A small one (1.8cm).  The ultrasound tech said she could see old blood so it looks like it’s beginning to heal.  And Bubee could care less (the Schnitzel shall henceforth be known as Bubee…. we never call it the Schnitzel.  Bubee — pronounced Bub E).  Little critter was very active and again put on quite the show by clapping its hands and even going in for a little suck of the thumb.  Good strong heartbeat (154) and measuring perfectly.


They’ve taken me off work for the rest of the week to laze around and take it easy.  Oooh.. poor me.  But I gotta say, daytime t.v. SUCKS.

Thank you again for all your positive thoughts and prayers.  That was a really frightening experience.  The only good thing that came out of it was seeing Bubee and getting more pictures!  Posted for your viewing pleasure or avoidance in the Bubee gallery.  🙂


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