Someone else’s heartbreak

In the midst of trying to figure out why this is all happening, I read news of a fellow blogger’s pain.  I’ve been following Mo’s blog for a long time.  When we lost Abby, she mentioned me on her blog and sent a lot of people this way to share the love.  And now, just shy of that precious milestone of viability at 24 weeks, she is in hospital preparing to lose her son.  My heart is breaking in a million pieces for her.  For everything that she has endured to get here and for all the pain and despair that will follow… I don’t wish this pain on anyone.

It’s not fair.

Please keep Mo, her husband and her precious and much loved son in your thoughts.  And please join me in giving the universe a collective “fuck you”.  Stop fucking with the lives of people who just want to be parents.  Enough is enough.


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