Not all there

A LONG time ago, frustrated with our fertility clinic, frustrated by our infertility, we started doing our own research. Started asking questions.

Long story short, my husband went to the urologist after discovering his low testosterone and the urologist sent him to an endocrinologist.  Well he finally had his MRI a couple of weeks ago (oh Canadian health care, how I love and loathe you simultaneously) (and he also cancelled a previous appointment due to some conflict in his schedule, and because we weren’t in any huge hurry now that we were pregnant…ha!).

Anywho… to kick off our week of medical appointments, C went back to see the endocrinologist for his MRI results… turns out dude’s missing a part of his brain!!  I always knew there was something not right about that boy!

He is missing part of his pituitary gland that creates LH and FSH.  It’s called empty sella syndrome.

He has a real problem, with real treatment options and we never, ever would have known if I hadn’t decided to google shit and discover that he might have low testosterone.  The treatment recommendation is testosterone but because that kills the swimmers, he will likely be treated with Clomid and HCG (if he takes a pregnancy test, will it come back positive?).  The endocrinologist is leaving that up to our new RE.  And that’s a blog post for next week as that appointment wraps up our week of medical appointments.

Tomorrow — pre-pregnancy review appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist.

Sigh… here we go again.  Climb that fucking mountain!


6 responses to “Not all there

  • ScrappyJen

    I don’t know how people survived without Google. Thinking of you and hoping each day at work is a little better than the one before.

  • psychsarah

    Good on ya for being your own advocates and doing your own research. Poor C will have to endure teasing forever I imagine, for missing part of his brain, but at least you have the knowledge and options that go along with it.

    I hope your appointments have gone well. I really hope the mountain is a little hill this time. Hugs 🙂

  • Heather

    Wow. Go figure. Thank goodness in a way for the Internet. Kind of makes you wonder though, would the “professionals” ever gone down this road had you not pointed them in that direction?! I’m so glad you did though, and you’re finding some answers and solutions… one foot in front of the other…

  • Cristy

    Wow. I’m so glad you were proactive and found this. This is definitely something that can be dealt with. But it also brings up an important point: we need to be our own health advocates. Our doctors, though trained, can’t possibly know everything and we ned to be open and honest about what’s going on. That means coming to appointments prepared, talking about any changes, even if they are embarrassing and seeking out second (even third) opinions.

    I hope the rest of your appointments go well and that climbing the mountain is not as traumatic. You deserve good news soon followed by 9 easy and worry-free months.

  • angie

    We have been o so many appointments one right after the other, I’m so sick of going. Since there is nothing wrong with me, now it’s hubbys turn. Thanks for this information and I’m glad you found something out.

    Have a good weekend.

  • Carrie

    Any updates? were in the exact same boat, going in tomorrow to get him on Clomid. Thanks for your posting it helps to find people in the same situation.

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