The Abby Tree

We planted this in late May/early June (and by “we”, I mean we paid the nice people at Sheri.dan Nurseries to come and do it for us).  It’s a Purple Leaf Sandcherry tree.  In spring, it bears beautiful, delicate pinkish flowers.

We got a gift card in February from my three dearest scrappy friends and the idea of doing this for Abby.  Right now it’s a skinny little tree in the middle of a bunch of mulch that’s desperately trying to keep the rabid weeds in our jungle of a back yard at bay.  But eventually, I plan to turn the entire back corner into Abby’s Garden.  We got another gift card from a dear friend on our due date for the same nursery.  I don’t have a design yet but we’ll put that card to good use too.

In other news, I’m “on” Twitter now.  Peer pressure from my husband… because “Twitter’s where it’s at”.  I don’t know what “it” is but I guess I better be like all the cool kids.  But fair warning, don’t expect any great thoughts from me.  I can’t be witty and clever all the time.  Shit, it took me four attempts to type clever instead of cleaver for christsakes!


4 responses to “The Abby Tree

  • lrm1102

    Beautiful!! We too planted a tree for our Ethan!! Your thought of creating Abby’s garden is wonderful!! I look forward to seeing your design!

    Hope you enjoy twitter. I have not yet tried it yet. It scares me a bit!

  • psychsarah

    The tree is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photo.

    I’m following you on twitter-I don’t tweet, just stalk others, because I couldn’t come up with anything interesting to say on a regular basis.

  • Shara

    Beautiful. I’ve always loved those trees. In the spring they are so pretty.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I can never think of things to say, but love reading others that do (I highly recommend The Bloggess- she’s hilarious, so’s her book).

  • Heather

    Those are one of my favorite trees/bushes. We have two bushes in our backyard and they look so pretty in the springtime and such a nice contrast the rest of the seasons.
    Another beautiful tribute to your dear Abby

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