The post where I ask you about my bleeding vagina

Okay.. come on, at least I got your attention.

So here we bleed again.  No illusions about miracles this time — for many reasons.  At least it was a nice, normal 29-day cycle.

I’m just easing you into my question with a little banter.

My question is about blood clots.  Who better to ask than a whole community of IFers (and hey, maybe you fertiles and non-breeders might know something too!)??  As we all know, it’s a big stupid blood clot that led to the demise of my pregnancy and the premature birth of my precious little Abby.  I’ve been tested for a whole whack-load of things around clotting disorders (I’m not exactly sure what though) and everything has come back fine.  I’m terrified, that if we ever get pregnant again it will happen again… obviously.  But my question is about blood clots during menstruation.  What’s normal?  I always have little clots during my period, particularly the first two heavier days.  Probably lima bean size or smaller??  (Why do we compare things to food?)  Today, I passed a clot big enough to feel it exiting me.  (Talk about traumatic flashblacks!)  It was probably the size of a peach pit?  Kinda long-ish though.

Are you completely grossed out yet?  Do you have anything to say about all this blood clot stuff?  Is there something I should be talking to the RE about?  Is there a medication I should be on preventatively?

Any thoughts are welcomed.  I’m trying to trust the medical profession but I can’t sit by and take a ‘wait and see’ approach anymore.  I need to feel like I’m doing everything possible to make sure I’m giving my ‘maybe baby’ the best shot at surviving… if we ever get pregnant again.

If you don’t want to respond to such a personal question in the comments, I have the ol’ g.mail listed at the side.

Thank you, in advance, for your help!


15 responses to “The post where I ask you about my bleeding vagina

  • kendall

    Have you give any thought to taking Asprin? It’s a blood thinner so it might help…I’m no expert though, so you should definitely talk to your doctor.

  • Heather

    I have always (since I wasn’t scared of them) used tampons and always remember after yanking the thing out having bigger chunks after, or first thing in the morning (pad only throughout the night) having bigger pieces come out. I’ve switched over to a diva cup now though and don’t notice them as much anymore… But i do think they’re normal… When did the big one come out, timing-wise? Morning /day/evening?

    • Wannabemom

      I never use tampons. And this was about 1:00pm…. The morning thing I understand, because the blood might pool while you’re laying down?? But I was well into my day by 1pm.

      • Heather

        Hmm only thing I could think is if it was after you were sitting for a bit with clients or something? I donno but I do know I have had large ones too… Not sure if that’s helpful or not 😉

  • Cristy

    The only person who’s expressed concerned about me having clots was my acupuncturist. Hence the herbs. I haven’t had blood clots since.

    I think it’s worthwhile bringing this issue up with your RE and your PCP. The small ones don’t raise a red flag, but the larger one (especially since you can feel it) makes me wonder. Worse case scenario, they blow you off. Best case, they work with you to determine if this is something you should be concerned about.

  • Amy

    Gads, I had that happen several months ago. Mine was the size of a ping pong ball. Clotting is common, but my understanding is it’s not normal. I have yet to have a doctor tell me what it’s all about, though. I’ll try to ask my naturopath (an infertility specialist) this week when I see her…maybe she can tell me.


  • Jen

    I’ve had big, ugly clots, too, particularly after my clomid cycles. I didn’t mention it to my doctor, but I did mention it to my acupuncturist. She said they were caused by a circulation deficiency. I take baby aspirin, use a heating pad on my abdomen during my follicular phase, do uterine massage (when I remember), and try to exercise regularly to increase circulation and “warm up” my uterus. It seems to have helped some.

    If it’s something that’s concerning you, definitely talk about it with your doctor. Good luck!

  • marwil

    I don’t know anything about this really. But you can always mention it to your dr. I would think it’s better to have asked than wonder if it’s something to worry about.

  • Shara

    I can’t tell you more than folks’ve already said above except if it’s not normal for you to get clots that big I’d mention it to your Dr ( mind you, all that got me was a bunch of dates with the vag cam and his friend sono- blech). Clots happen when there’s not enough blood flow, so it could just be a case of sitting for too long.

  • psychsarah

    Had nothing to add to your question, but saw your tweet-good news it seems? Hope so-you’re long overdue for some.

  • Elizabeth

    Do you have fibroids? I have terrible clots and they’re a symptom of my large fibroids.

    • Wannabemom

      I don’t think so. Those would have shown on the HSG, right? Or on ultrasound??

      • Elizabeth

        Depends on where they’re located. An HSG is only going to show fibroids inside the uterus. My HSG looked perfect. But they are visible on the vag cam. My first doc never told me though. Only when I switched clinics did they say, “You know you have fibroids, right?” “Uhhh, no, but I guess that explains the clots.”

      • Wannabemom

        I think I’m good in the fibroid dept. Two separate clinics and high risk clinic did ultrasounds and no one said anything.

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