Check this out!

How cool is this… I was invited to be a contributing writer and moderator for a brand new, made in Canada, online, baby loss support forum!  I’m so honoured that Erin like my ramblings enough to include me in this venture — truly, truly touched and excited to be a part of this wonderful source of support.

Some come on over baby loss mommas!  There is even a specific forum for ‘infertility and loss’.

Surviving River


2 responses to “Check this out!

  • veetamia

    Congrats!!! Keep us posted on your new writing gig, I’d love to read as well. And I almost never comment, but I have been following your journey for a while. I’m sorry for your loss, but I want to remark on how brave and courageous you seem to be 🙂 Hugs

  • psychsarah

    That’s amazing! I’m not surprised-you’re a very strong writer and have a lot to contribute. I’m sure you’re writings will help others immensely. I gave the site a quick glance, but am interested to check it out further later tonight. It looks like a wonderful resource.

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