Expensive Urine

Right before we left for Chicago for our little vacation, I was at the pharmacy and they had these beautiful little pill organizers.  They were metal, almost like little jewellry boxes, shaped like a flower, with a painted design on top.  There were seven petals and when you opened it, the space to sort 7 days worth of pills.  I almost bought one… because I always struggle with how to transport my vitamins/drugs — especially across the border.  How do you explain a baggie full of capsules to the border guards without sounding guilty?  So just as I was picking out the design that I liked, it occurred to me… my stash won’t even fit in here!  I’d need like three of them!!

Shall we?

Morning: 1000mg fish oil, 2 x prenatal, 500mg Glumetza, 25mg DHEA, 1000iu Vitamin D, 120mg CoQ10  (8 pills total), and 4mg of Inositol (powder) mixed into my protein shake

Lunch: 500mg Vitamin C, 50mg Vitamin B Complex, 35 mg iron supplement, 25mg DHEA, 1000mg fish oil  (5 pills total)

Evening: 1000mg fish oil, 1x prenatal, 1000mg Glumetza, 25mg DHEA, 1000iu Vitamin D, 5mg folic acid, 81mg baby aspirin (8 pills total), and 4mg of Inositol in whatever my dinner beverage of choice is.


At a visit to my family physician earlier this week, she said “that’s some very expensive urine you’ve got!”  Indeed.  And she added to the mix by prescribing me 250-500mg of Naprosyn and Tylenol 3 as needed — because I herniated a disc in my back on the Labour day weekend.  Good times.  And the reason I’ve taken over a week to post this — blogging from the iPad sucks.  And sitting at the computer (because I’m the last person on the planet that doesn’t own a laptop) wasn’t an option for days and days and days.  I’m digressing — this post is about the drugs, not my back (which is getting better, thank you for asking)


Now that we’ve started our IVF cycle, I can add in 1 Marvelon pill at bedtime (ending in 8 days)

Later this week — 2 squirts of Synarel up my nose each day.

And in October – one needle per day starting October 7 for 10 days 300mg Bravelle and 75mg Repronex.

Very expensive urine indeed.



3 responses to “Expensive Urine

  • Alicia

    hahaha, yes, very expensive for sure! I’ve never considered urine to be the by-product of all of these vitamins, but… hey, I wonder if there’s a market for high quality urine?

  • Cristy

    Damn, that is expensive urine. I’m waiting for the day that someone figures out how to fit all of that into one pill. Or at least narrow it down from 21. For that reason alone, I’d also be wary of the border guards. Then again, it could be one of those instances where they let you through faster once you start explaining in lengthy detail what each pill is for.

    Hope the trip to Chicago was fun. And hoping for you with my whole heart for this upcoming cycle.

  • Alissa

    Yeah, I know the feeling. I literally had three pill organizers at one point, on top of the shots. I was needing one for morning, afternoon and night or I would miss something. Now I have one for vitamins, baby aspirin and blood pressure meds. I still take them at different times so as not to overload, but man!
    It’s hard being responsible.

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