Made it to transfer

I’m PUPO.  Let the two week wait ensue!

We transferred 2 grade 1 (best) 8-cell embies.  We have 6 other grade 1, 8 cell embies growing out to day 5 (or 6??) to see if they can be frozen.  One little fella went the route of the criminally minded and was arrested.  😉  Or something like that.  Our RE personally came in to speak with us while waiting for transfer (he never did that last time)(and don’t they know that things like that freak us out! We were both thinking “uh-oh why is he here?!)  and said he’s never seen someone have all of their embryos be so perfect.  And he showed us our last IVF cycle for comparison (we never knew the grading or cells or anything) and last time, we transferred a 5 and a 6 cell.  He attributes the difference in egg quality to the DHEA and said he’s going to write up a case study.  We used the exact same protocol as last time with the only difference being one day less of stims and a different form of HCG trigger.  One of the nurses said that he thinks DHEA will become standard protocol in infertiity treatment.  Now Canada needs to smarten up and make it more afforadable!  We can only get it by prescription here because the body builders are morons and abuse it.  And my benefits wouldn’t cover it so it would have cost something like $150 for a 30 day supply.  So we took a wee visit to the great US of A (where all the shopping is better) and got a one month supply for $15!

It feels good to know that everything is as good as it can be.  And that maybe we’ll have some to freeze.  For those not in the know, they could all arrest and fragment and therefore we’d have nothing to freeze.  But our RE said that he thinks there should be something to freeze.  It just feels like I’ve done all that I can and now I just wait and see.  And eat pineapple… for what it’s worth.

I waiver between feeling like this cycle will fail and feeling like it will result in twins.  And I’m still waiting for the bad stuff to happen… which feeds the “it will probably fail” side of my waivering.  I wish I could give myself a labotomy and forget all the bad so that I could truly believe that good things can happen.. and not just to other people.



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