Abby’s memory book

It will be nine months on Friday since we said good-bye.  It took me a long time to be able to do her scrapbook.  There’s something about the finality of things once you scrapbook them.  Yes, they are there to go back to and relive the memories, but the event or whatever, is now officially over if it’s been scrapbooked.  Perhaps that’s why I’m still not done my wedding scrapbook 4 years later.  Anywho, it was really important to me to be done Abby’s book before we had our transfer.  I wanted to be able to focus all my energy on loving her embie-siblings.  Does that make sense?  Not that I’m “done” with Abby… that could never be… but I guess more so that I could differentiate between the two experiences… whatever happens with these little guys.  Does that make sense?


Well.. here ya go…   If you want to read the journalling, you can click on the individual pictures and it should bring it up bigger.


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