Time for an update?

Well shit, I’m a bad blogger.  I didn’t realize it’s been a whole month since I wrote here.  Perhaps some bullet points will suffice?

  • Viability.  We made it.  Huge fucking milestone.  I’m 26 weeks, 1 day today.  It seems unreal to me.  I’m closing out the second trimester.  Me.  I won’t lie, passing that 24 week mark allowed me to breathe… just a bit.   We were in the States when this monumental milestone occurred, so we shopped… and shopped and shopped. Perhaps you saw my picture on twitter… this kid has more clothes than I do.
  • I’ve now got my eye on 28 weeks.  Babies have a 90% survival rate after 28 weeks.  I might even finally stop the damn progesterone suppositories.  Maybe.
  • I’ve almost finished my shower guest list to give to my girlfriends.
  • We started a registry today at Babies R Us.  Did you hear me?!  We wandered around that store scanning shit like people who were going to have a baby!!!
  • The nursery is painted.  It’s gorgeous.  My husband did such an awesome job.
  • Nursery furniture has been ordered.  It takes 8-10 weeks to arrive, so I figured we’d better get going.  As weird as it might seem, we ordered the exact same set that we had ordered for Abby.  That gave me pause for a bit wondering if we were inviting bad karma or some such shit, but it’s a beautiful set and we still really like it.  It’s a good quality set for the money.
  • About a week ago, I had a full-blown moment of sheer terror thinking about all the normal stuff we’ve been doing and wondering if we’re pushing our luck doing so much, so “soon”.
  • I love every moment of Bubba kicking the crap out of me.  He’s getting so strong.  C has even been able to feel a kick.  Although most of the time, as soon as C puts his hand in place, Bubba decides he’s done doing his ninja dance moves.  It’s reassuring to have him moving around so much.  I know a million things can be going wrong, but as long as he’s moving, I know he’s alive!
  • Bubba likes listening to music on my iPhone.  I put my phone on my belly and he gave it a big ol’ kick (fyi, balled my face off when that happened).  I’ve also had him move closer to the phone and stop moving as if he’s listening, and then give me a boot when the song’s done as if to say “more, momma, more”.
  • I’m absolutely, hopelessly, head over heels, in love with this little life growing under my heart.

8 responses to “Time for an update?

  • clwalchevill

    Hooray, hooray, HOORAY for clearing the 24 week milestone!!!! That’s huge lady!!! And so glad to hear you’re preparing for Bubba. Very scary first steps, but important ones. Glad to hear you’re enjoying these moments and can’t wait to hear about the nursery.

  • Mo

    Doing the normal pregnant purchasing of stuff was scary as heck for me too!
    28 weeks is a great milestone, I felt loads better once we hit that. You’re almost there!

  • psychsarah

    Smiling from ear to ear here 🙂 Good stuff happening and more good stuff to come!!

  • Heather

    This is all so wonderful!! 😃

  • theyellowblanket

    Yay for milestones! I can’t wait until I get there and start buying all the stuff!

  • Kate

    Love to hear this! Congrats on being another step closer:)

  • marwil

    This gives me so much hope. So glad to read these updates and that you can enjoy the process of preparing for baby 🙂 Sweet.

  • newmom

    Just found your blog and spent some time reading your story about A by and then now with Bubba. Love reading it, I feel connected to your story. I did not experience a loss, but did have a preemie. My son was 28 weeks. It was a roller coaster, but ultimately we have a healthy boy who is 1 now. I’m pregnant now again (yes insane. No it wasn’t planned). So oddly enough I connect to your story about when to get excited, the anxiety, the fear. Will I make it to 28? Will I not? Holy crap will I go 40 weeks and bring home a baby 3 days after birth? Anyway thanks for writing, I’ll be following you and praying for you 🙂 and for Bubba!

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