Bubba News

First of all…  I PASSED MY FRIGGING GD TEST!!!  I’m completely shocked.  I was absolutely certain that with the insulin resistance and being overweight, I would fail miserably.  I even had myself a mini-meltdown yesterday worrying abut it and being so fearful that my bad mom-ness was going to hurt him.  I’m so thankful to not have that to worry about.

Bubba is currently breach.  They are not worried at this point because he has lots of room and time to turn himself around.  It also means that the hard lump often found on either side of my belly button, is not his bum as previously assumed… it’s his head!

And finally, in Bubba news… kid’s huge!!!  They estimated he’s about 3lbs, 10 oz!!  And they projected that at this rate of growth, “little” man will be around 9lbs!  I didn’t for a minute think that I would have a teeny, tiny baby, but 9lbs!!  Guess it’s a good thing that we didn’t buy any “newborn” sized clothes… since he’ll clearly be nearly an adult when he comes out!

I’m so unbelievably grateful that things seem to be progressing well.  It doesn’t stop me from halting the breaks on my entrance into the confidence club though.  I’m still waiting for the bad news at every turn.   But I’m trying to go with the flow and obsess about other more insignificant things… like bassinettes and diapers!


9 responses to “Bubba News

  • clwalchevill

    YESSSSS!!! That’s amazing news M!! Congratulations on being GD free! Equally glad to hear about Bubba’s size. Hoping the kid flips very soon.

  • Heather

    You’re doing great momma!! Such awesome news! 🙂 and yes, lots of time for him to move around to get “in position” for his grande entrance to the outside world! Can’t wait to meet him.

  • Kate @ Infertile First Mom

    Way to go Mama! You just keep doing exactly what you’re doing, and your 9 pd baby boy will be just fine:)
    Happy to hear all is well!

  • psychsarah

    Yeah! Passed the stupid hideous orange drink test! Just goes to show that “risk factors” do not equal inevitability. 🙂 (And hello, even if you had GD, you wouldn’t be a bad mom!!!)

    Henry was breach early on too-he flipped by 34 weeks. If he’s stubborn and you’re concerned, ask if your chiro does the “Webster technique” it shows great success in flipping wee ones (worked for us).

    BTW-they are famously bad at guessing size/weight from ultrasounds. I read up on this after a tech told me that Henry was over 7.5 pounds at 32 weeks, and then said they gain a half a pound a week at the end (making him almost 12 pounds by the time I would have been full term). This totally freaked me out-pushing out a freaking 12 pound baby-yikes! He was 9 lbs 6 oz. at birth. Just thought I”d share that little tidbit.

    So glad Bubba and his mama are doing well over all.

    PS Obsessing about diapers is fun 🙂 Go with it!

  • Kathy

    Good News ! Sounds like you are growing a big fella there !

  • Shara

    Yay for a healthy Bubba and for passing your GD test!

  • alissa s

    I am so happy all is going well! You deserve all this wonderful news. Congratulations!

  • marwil

    Great news 🙂 Now it’s time to turn baby!

  • Sadie

    So happy to hear all this good news of your beefy little Bubba! 🙂 And as scary as I am sure it is, so glad you’re finding the calm to enjoy and feel gratitude…Hang in there mama.

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