October 18

Five years ago today, we made it official.  After 8 years together, we threw the party and danced and I looked like a beautiful princess.

Two years ago today, I was PUPO.  Incubating the only 2 embryos that came of our first IVF cycle.  Terrified that my test would be negative after such a crappy retrieval/fertilization outcome.  Little did I know… the heartache was just beginning.

One year ago today, I had 13 more eggs sucked out of my body.  I was laid up on the couch and treated to “reward sushi” for my egg growing efforts.  Again, more heartache would follow as the fresh embryos returned to my uterus from that cycle wouldn’t stick.

But little did I know, that one year ago today, my little Bubba was made.  Today, I sit on the cusp of 35 weeks with his wiggly, squiggly giant self nestled safe inside my body.

C and I may be going our separate ways tonight to go out with friends (we’ll do the dinner thing tomorrow), but it’s truly a happy anniversary this time.




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