Nursery Tour

At long last, the nursery is complete.  It’s been mostly done for a a couple of weeks but I was waiting on my custom made crib set before taking pictures to share.  I’m quite pleased with the way everything looks and I hope we’ve created a bright and cozy room to snuggle Bubba in!


Dandelion wall decal… because I made a wish and Bubba is making it come true.  Also a tribute to Abby — she’s watching over her baby brother.


I made this art.  Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a song I play for Bubba on my iPhone on a regular basis.  It was the song that was playing when he booted the iPhone off my belly for the first time.  We like the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version.


We re-did this closet so there could be an organization system.  It’s pretty great because the shelves can move into different configurations as he (and his clothes) grow.


A photo I snagged off of a FB acquaintance many, many moons ago — it’s a Momma (or daddy) elephant and a baby elephant.  It’s a photo they took while on safari somewhere in Africa.


This wall will also have his name in orange letters… but you can’t know that yet.


Cute little booties ornament that was attached to a shower gift.  I thought they looked sweet hanging on the closet door knob.



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