Still hanging in there

Bubba Watch 2013 continues.  I’m 39 weeks today.  I was absolutely positive he would come early and so it feels like his arrival is taking forever!  But in reality, he still has a full week left to cook.  I’ve crossed over the line and am now ready for him to come.  I will miss the awesome parts of pregnancy, but I’m starting to get uncomfortable.  My biggest complaint is this pulled ligament thing in my belly.  I thought initially that it was a foot or something poking me, but it’s not.  Whenever I stand for any length of time, it kills and I need to sit.  It resolves when I sit but it really limits my activity.  I can barely make it through preparing dinner or going grocery shopping without a rest.  It sucks because I feel like I should be walking and doing more, but I can’t.  That’s really my biggest problem/discomfort, so it’s really not that bad.

My body is definitely starting to get ready for birth though.  At my doctor’s appointment on Thursday, my cervix was soft but not dilated at all… so no stretch and sweep for me.. which was kind of okay because it sounds unpleasant.  She also noted that baby was nice and low because she could feel his head… which, quite frankly, weirded me out.  I know he’s low because I can feel him borrowing down in my pelvis, but to think that she could feel his head?  Weird!  I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy for awhile now, my lower back is starting to hurt and today, big news, a glob of snot looking substance exited my vagina.  Reminded me of the good ol’ TTC days of snot-like cervical mucous.  Hopefully that was the beginning of my mucous plug.

I’m excited and surprisingly, not that nervous.  I’m curious to know what the pain will be like and how I will manage it.  I don’t have a “birth plan” other than GET HIM OUT ALIVE.  I would like to not have a c-section and I would like to give it a go without drugs.  But what the hell do I know?  Obviously, if a c-section is needed because there is some sort of problem or his giant shoulders get stuck, then they will do what they need to do.  But what if I end up getting induced?  I’m likely going to need some drugs.  Or I might just need some drugs anyways.  I have no vision of how this is supposed to go, which is probably a good thing.  My only anxiety is getting to the hospital… which really involves knowing when labour has started in earnest.  From what I’ve read, I will “just know”… so I’m hoping that is true.  It’s an hour drive to the hospital sans inclimate weather and traffic.  I also don’t want my baby born on the side of Highway 6.

So that’s where I’m at:  39 weeks, grateful, excited, uncomfortable and ready to meet my son.


6 responses to “Still hanging in there

  • clwalchevill

    Saw your post on the nursery. Looks wonderful!!

    So excited you’ve hit 39 weeks! Know you’re anxiously waiting for Bubba. In the meantime, be good to yourself. No shoulds and need tos. Just focus on resting.

  • Kate

    Ohhhhh that back pain and the mucus stuff… It’s about to happen! So excited for you! Can’t wait to hear about Bubba’s arrival:)

  • psychsarah

    Yeah for Bubba being in position and cervical softening 🙂 Good signs! (BTW-the stretch and sweep is not that bad, not a fun time, but not terrible. You’ve likely experienced worse with the procedures you’ve had in the past). Also probably a good sign that you feel ready to go now.

    I hope your ligament pain resolves right after giving birth. Another friend of mine had terrible back pain for the last few weeks of pregnancy and the minute her son was out it resolved-hoping the same for you!!

    Thinking good thoughts for beautiful weather and no traffic whenever Bubba decides to come. 🙂

    PS Bubba-you should know that many people are anxiously awaiting your arrival and can’t wait to love you, snuggle you and make goo-goo eyes over how lovely you are!

  • Alissa

    How exciting! I remember the anxious feeling the morning labor started. I don’t know about people just knowing. My contractions came on gradually in early morning so I wasn’t sure if there were false or not. So I just started timing. Once I knew the pain was at a regular interval of about 4 mins apart and I had to pause when talking to get through it, I knew I needed to call labor and delivery. Then the on call OB called me to ask some questions.

    Just go with your gut. If you have been having Braxton Hicks you will probably know when the real thing happens.

    I pray that your labor and delivery go quickly and smoothly…but not too quickly. If you are an hour away, you may feel more comfortable heading in early and doing some of the labor in a triage room if they won’t admit you just yet. You don’t want them to send you home because you are only 2cm dilated and then progress quickly at home.

    Keep in touch. You deserve this so much.
    Can’t wait to meet your little one.

  • queenofslipstream

    Hi M! This is all so freaking exciting! I am thrilled for you guys!

    I wanted to let you know I have a new blog, if you’re interested … although I know you will be very very busy in the coming weeks. 🙂

    Good luck! You’re going to rock this! 🙂

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