I know that a lot of folks struggle with posting pictures of their babies on their “infertility” blogs because it will be painful for those still “in the trenches”.  I will admit, that I have, in the past, stopped reading the blogs of “resolved” women when their blogs became mommy blogs.  I just couldn’t handle it.  I fully expect to lose some readers, and I’m okay with that.  I know reading about babies — even hard won ones — is painful when it’s all you want in the whole world.  But Max is everything I’ve been fighting for over the last nearly 5 years of infertility and loss, and if I want to share his beautiful face or write about being a mom, I will — with no apologies.  If you are in a place to read along, great.  If not, I understand…. far too well.

Below is a shot from our newborn photo shoot.  Max was absolutely unco-operative!  He’s not such a happy guy in the morning (at that point) (honestly, that might be the one thing he got from me!) and he was a total crank pot at the shoot.  We didn’t get to do them until he was 16 days old, so he was beyond that mushy sleep through absolutely everything “newborn” phase from the really early days.

I’ve also added a final “bump” picture in the bump picture page.  And I’ve started a new page with Max’s monthly photos.  I hope you enjoy his adorable-ness as much as I do!

MAX 2013 (55 of 119)


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