A Glimpse Inside…

…Life with Max

Time is flying by!  Max is 5 1/2 months old already and I don’t know how to slow time down.  Part of me really misses the teeny tiny (well, Max’s version anyways) newborn days, but there’s a part of me that really loves the little person he’s becoming.  He’s so much more fun now and he’s discovering his world and building new skills.

It was a long, cold winter here and it finally took it’s toll on me.  It was nice to not have to go out anywhere on those nasty arctic days, but it was also very boring to be holed up in the house for days on end.  But it also sucked to take him out on those arctic days and I felt like an asshole doing it.

But now the nice weather has worked it’s way to us and we’re getting out more and more… today without socks for either of us!  Who-hoo!  We do swimming and sign language classes.  Swimming is a lot  of work — wet babies are slippery and getting myself and him out of wet suits and into dry clothes is a major chore… especially for a 30 minute class.  But we want him to like swimming and he seems to mostly like it — with the exception of being dunked under.  I love the sign language class.  It totally fits my learning style.  I pick up so many signs each class and I try to sign everything I know to Max as often as possible.  He’s too young to do it back, but he watches our hands and is delighted when we sign and sing the alphabet.

He’s started to eat food in the last week.  We’re doing baby led weaning (BLW) with him and it’s great.  Everything says 6 months to start but last weekend, he grabbed a handful of pasta off my plate and shoved it in his mouth so I think he’s ready.  We’ve experimented with various foods this week breaking all the rules of one food per week.  According to his diapers, he’s getting a bit in.  Mostly he’s playing and squishing the food.  But he’s pretty darn good at getting it in his mouth.  And he loves it!  It’s hilarious to watch.  And it’s a bloody mess.  But it’s so amazing to watch him try to figure it out.

I also try to “wear” Max whenever I can.  I love that too.  The ring sling is the best invention ever.  Max is heavy.  At his 4 month appointment, he was 18lbs. 15 oz.  He breaks my arms when I lug him around for too long.  With the sling, we can get stuff done around the house and I can hold him longer.  He loves it too.  If he’s fussy, I can just put him in the sling or the wrap and he’s a happy guy.  Often he’ll take a little snooze in there too.  It’s great to use at the grocery store, etc.  And our structured carrier came in very handy at the busy, local farmer’s market.  I love having him so close.

He’s a great baby and I love being his mom.  He’s very happy and has a million dollar smile that he’ll give up to almost anyone.  I treasure every single moment.

… Mother’s Day

I get to celebrate my very first “real” mother’s day this year.  I have mixed emotions about it.  Obviously, it’s a lot easier to deal with all the marketing that goes with this occasion this year — copious amounts of chocolate and/or alcohol are not required to survive.  And I’m thrilled that I’ll be celebrated as a mother this year.  I have a baby that people can see and the makes me recognizable as part of the club.  But there is the part of me who will never forget how sad this day has made me in all the years gone by.  It makes me miss Abby too.  Because I was her mother first.

It also makes me wish I had a mother that was present in my life.  I’m jealous of all the people who have mother’s in their lives to help them navigate motherhood.

… Family

You know, maybe this category deserves it’s own post.

To be continued…


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